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Death Disclosed: Jim Morrison, twenty-seven, rock superstar, The lead singer of The Doors. Though his manager fueled suspicion by keeping Morrison's death a secret for six days - until after his burial last week - there was no evidence of a drug connection as in last year's deaths of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, nor was Morrison's fifth-a-day booze habit officially a factor; police listed a heart attack as the cause after Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris, where he had been living as a writer in recent months. His trademarks in the rock culture included his arcane, keenly suggestive lyrics, sung in a throaty baritone, by turns sullen and frenzied.
But with his skintight pants and lascivious style, the Florida-born admiral's son was best known as an erotic male performer in the line of succession that runs from Elvis Presley to Mick Jagger; Morrison once overdid it to the extent of being found guilty of indecent exposure at a rock concert in Miami.Morrison leaves his wife, Pamela, his parents, a brother, and a sister. SOURCE: NEWSWEEK - July 3, 1971

Musica mucha musica Birth Date: December 8, 1943 Death Date: July 3, 1971 Colleges: St. Petersburg Junior College, Florida State University, UCLA Favorite Groups: Love, The Beach Boys, The Kinks However, Jim Morrison was more than a poet, more than a songwriter and a performer. He was a man, a husband and an idol to millions. Although his shooting star has come and gone, he has forever earned himself a place in musical and cultural history. Every year, thousands of fans still flock to see Jim at his final resting place. Pere-Lachaisse cemetery in Paris, France. ir a visitar la tumba de jim es una buena experiencia, ahi estan enterrados muchos musicos clasicos famosos pero ni en cuenta todos queremos ver a jim
baņo en el cementerio
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